Network & Convergence


We are prime partners to one of the world leaders in Networking & Security – Veleras based out of Switzerland. The power of Veleras and ManVision brings the best of technology and customer service to our customers.

network security


Best IT and Business Solutions’s Network Security solutions give you:

  • Regular reporting – monitor Internet usage and track visited websites
  • Perimeter security – don’t let viruses and intruders infringe upon your business
  • Content filtering – block harmful or unsafe sites to reduce threats and increase staff productivity
  • Wi-Fi and 3G services – ensure that mobile devices used in your office are safe and secure
  • Predictability – flat monthly fees include preventative maintenance, patching & updating, virus & spyware updates, and unlimited help desk calls for Internet firewall problems.

All of these services, including preventative maintenance and updates, are available for a flat-rate monthly fee. Isn’t it time you took steps to protect everything you’ve worked for?

We understand the importance of business security. In the event of a break-and-enter or a workplace incident, being prepared can prevent business downtime.

  • We want to Help you look after your Assets

    Our skilled team can visit your venue, make an evaluation on potential break-and-entry points, and suggest measures to be put in place for your business’ security. 24/7 alarm monitoring, alarms & sensors, CCTV Security

  • CCTV Security

    Have peace of mind knowing your business is under 24/7 surveillance We only use the best quality, affordable security cameras Access your cameras via smartphone or laptop We can monitor your cameras while you’re away to keep your business safe Watch footage back in the case of an accident

  • Alarms & sensors

    Keep your business safe afterhours Loud alarms to notify surrounding residents and scare off thieves Attention drawing flashing lights Activate/deactivate alarm via smartphone or remote

  • 24/7 Monitoring

    We notify you when alarms haven’t been armed after business hours We contact you when systems are alarming Send out guards to arm systems or police in the case of emergency Tailored response plans for your needs