Cloud Transforms the world in a way to leverage technolgoy thereby facilitating globally scale up/down to meet demand instantaneously, creating unlimited opportunities for businesses and community. . Whether you are beginning to or have already started your cloud journey, a vendor-agnostic partner can accelerate your company’s cloud transformation and empower your business to stay ahead of competition. Cqt Solutions has proven experience in enabling our clients to adopt a cloud-first approach thus helping them achieve their business goals.

We support you in developing robust cloud solutions by providing a full range of consulting, development, migration, automation, monitoring and integration services. Our experts can help assess the cloud readiness of your application and infrastructure portfolio, define and recommend cloud reference architecture, assess the needed capabilities matrix and orchestrate cloud solutions by following our time-tested, risk-free, predictable methodologies.

Cloud Services from Best IT and Business Solutions are:

  • Scalable – it doesn’t matter whether you expand or downscale – your technology is flexible and aligns with your business
  • Customisable – we design your IT solution around your unique business’s needs
  • Financially predictable – budget better with our pay-as-you-go pricing structure.
  • Mobile – access your files and applications and work from anywhere at any time
  • Money-saving – get a greater return on your technology investment with a solution that pays for itself more quickly

Join us in the cloud and take your business to new heights More and more savvy businesses are migrating to the cloud, but what actually IS the cloud and how can it help you drive your company on to greater success? Best IT and Business Solutions has the answers - as well as the IT know-how and the business acumen you need to simplify your transition to the cloud. When you transfer your technology to the cloud (or rather, when WE transfer your technology to the cloud for you) it simply means that you receive all aspects of your IT - plus its management and maintenance - via the Internet, instead of via your hardware which is physically located in your office.

  • Cloud Application

    Our cloud-native development services allow enterprises to quickly build cloud-native applications leveraging micro-services, DevOps philosophy, PaaS and containerisation technologies resulting in unparalleled business agility. We adopt Agile coding, building, testing and deploying applications to help businesses roll out applications faster than ever. Benefit from our deep proficiency in designing and developing cloud-native applications which are platform agnostic, secure, robust and resilient. Starting from uncovering your requirements, Arvensys Technology can help you in the design, development, integration, test, deployment and continuous monitoring of your cloud applications.

  • Cloud Migration

    Cqt Solutions comes with rich experience towards trending futurustic technologies aims to leverage businss and technology disruptions. With strong customer experience and service excellece, helps you to migrate and/or modernise applications to be cloud-ready. Our cloud experts will work with you to understand your current landscape and recommend the right approaches to rehost/refactor/rewrite /re-platform / rearchitect/retain to suit your migration needs.

  • Cloud Monitoring

    Cloud monitoring is about monitoring, analysing and reporting on the availability and performance of websites, servers, applications and other cloud infrastructure. Cloud Monitoring is crucial in monitoring the cost, reliability and performance of your cloud infrastructure. Cloud monitoring helps you notice cloud anomalies, detect patterns and identify issues early and proactively. Cloud monitoring helps you promptly discover the root cause of a problem. Key benefits of a good cloud monitoring service include faster response time, more time for innovation and better overall performance. Cqt Solutions Cloud Monitoring capabilities include: Application Performance Monitoring Infrastructure monitoring Network monitoring Database monitoring

  • Cloud Operations

    Cloud operations play a significant role in ensuring efficient resource utilisation, compliance, risk mitigation, cost savings from optimised operations, and overall customer satisfaction. Arvensys Cloud operations consists the process of operating the cloud infrastructure and environment. Our cloud operations expertise includes: Delivering cloud services and/or infrastructure Optimizing performance, capacity and ensure proper resource management regardless of the platform used or infrastructure location Meet SLA’s Maintain compliance Automate configuration management Maintain transparency and proper metering Ensure proper disaster recovery and mitigation Ensure security at all levels

  • Cloud Strategy

    Cqt Solutions Consulting has proven expertise in building competitive cloud strategies that enabled our clients to adopt a cloud-first approach to conduct their business beyond clouds We support you in developing robust cloud technologies by providing a full range of consulting, development, migration, monitoring and integration services. Our experts can help assess the cloud readiness of your application and infrastructure portfolio, define and recommend cloud reference architecture and assess the needed capability matrix. Let us plan your journey to the cloud Arvensys provides the full spectrum of cloud strategy services required to assess, plan and adopt cloud environments in a most efficient and optimal way. Cloud Maturity and Readiness Assessment Cost-Benefit Assessments Cloud adoption and transformation strategy Technology selection (SaaS, IaaS, PaaS) and Roadmap Reference architecture and technology standards Organization change management Delivering Robust Cloud Strategies

  • Internet of Things

    IoT touches almost every sphere of our society in the form of smart devices, connected automobiles or wearables. By connecting everything and everyone, IoT is making the world smarter, better and more efficient than ever before. IoT is about sensors, physical devices, appliances and vehicles generating unprecedented volumes of data. Our Internet of Things (IoT) services enable organisations to transform business needs into innovative IoT solutions. Our comprehensive set of IoT services provides our clients with the end-to-end capabilities needed to capitalise their industry-specific opportunities. Talk to one of our IoT experts to chart your IoT journey today. Our IoT services include: IoT Roadmap Definition Define a structured approach to understand your business requirements and advise you on the right IoT roadmap IoT Solution Development Elicit requirements, define the problem statement and provide recommendations on the services blueprint. Intelligent Platforms Design end-to-end connected multi-tenant open platform architecture to support IoT resources cost-efficiently and reliably. Vertical Applications Iterative customer design-driven end-device and mobile application development with cross-platform support End-to-End System Integration Integration of multiple IoT assets with different functionalities, departments and stages across the product life-cycle. Real-Time Processing and Analytics Streaming analytics for IoT device data, BigData and visualisation solutions.